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This 2008 In Review

2008 was another great year for us.Thank you God for all you give us.

Dad completed his sixth year at Austin Energy.  His work on the smart electric grid catapulted even further his success at work.  He was recognized with Computerworld's Top 12 Green IT Companies and InformationWeek 500 awards.   And his speaking continued at the same pace of the previous years.  Dad continued to invest a great deal ministering the kids and coaching their teams (assistant coach at AJ's Fall Football team and head coach at Austin's basketball team).

Mom continues to do her magic.  She is amazing managing the kids' academics, sports, scouts, church, and social activities .  AJ continues in the honor math program and Alexandra is doing very well in school.  Mom is so creative about our vacations, Easter, Birthdays, summer vacation, Halloween, Thanksgiving and X-mas.  And she also coordinated the annual neighborhood hay ride for the sixth year in a row, which sold out.

Alexandra graduated from 8th, AJ from 5th, and Austin from Kinder.  Alexandra was again captain and head cheerleader at her middle school's cheerleading team, and she is maturing very well.  It is just an incredible experience to see her grow up into a young lady.  Choir singing and dance continue to be her number one passions and she finished 9th among 2000 singers at the Texas State Regional.  OUTSTANDING!!! We are so proud of her.  She also continues to be active in girl scouts.  AJ played his second spring football season (has played a total of 34 games in three seasons).  His team finished second in Austin and went to the state championships.  To our great surprise, his team finished third in the state and he scored a 25 yard run touchdown in the final game.  He played most positions, but focus on TE, DE and LB.  AJ also continues to play basketball and to swim.  AJ got his ARROW of LIGHT as a cub scout and crossed over to Boy Scout.  That was a great accomplishment for him. Austin switched to soccer and I got to coach him for the first time ever.  His team did great with seven victories and one loss.  He is also in cub scouts and is growing very fast.

The summer was all Texas.  Many trips to Port A, Sea World, and other locations.  A fun filled season.

The summer came and went and it was time for the fall routine.  Alexandra started her freshman year in high school (9th grade).  She conitnues to sing in Choir and droped cheerleading for dance.  She made a great decision.  AJ started his first year in middle school (6th grade).  AJ decided not to cross to Boy Scouts after all.  Oh well. Austin Theodore started 1st grade.  AJ played his third fall football season, and his team did well.  He has matured so much as a football player adn already played in 42 games.  Austin had his first football season and had a great time. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving quietly at home.
 Mom made another sensational holiday meal, we watched football, and we played touch football in the back yard (Alexandra and Dad vs. AJ and Austin).  We had a great celebration and gave multiple thanks for everything imaginable.  
We had our tradional holiday party and gathering to celebrate Dadís work colleagues and the visit from Grandpa Steve and Helen.  X-mas day was incredible and we had the expected visit of Grandma Laura.  Santa, the Godparents, and the Grandparents showered once again the kids with lots of gifts and they were very thankful.  Dad decided to learn to use the rip-stick and got a Trikke.

Mom and the kids were so good all year that we decided to go skiing to Angel Fire to celebrate.  Alexandra and AJ snowed boarded and Austin picked up skiing again. We had great snow ball fights and a great time.  We went to Dallas to celebrate the new year with the Caldwells and had a blast.

Wishing you all the best and praying for peace, health, and love.

The Carvallo family


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