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2003 In Review

2003 started with lots of bangs.  Dad left HillCast, after much work and raising money from Microsoft, and joined Austin Energy to re-build the electric utility's technology leadership.  Dad was welcomed with open arms to lead the transformation.  2003 was a reversal of fortunes year for us and we are so blessed to be here.

Alexandra graduated from 3rd grade.  AJ graduated from Kindergarten. Austin Theodore started going two days a week to school.  The kids had great times with soccer, baseball, basketball, DI, bicycling, rollerblading, skateboarding and homework.  The Spring was busy and the kids grew tremendously.

We went to California in the summer and had a great, great time.  We visited Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, San Jose, Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Discovery Bay, Pebble Beach and more.  We spent a great week in the Bay Area.  We spent a fantastic week at Discovery Bay golfing, wake boarding, boating, swimming, paddling, and sunbathing.  We enjoyed so much uncle Don, aunt Pam, Tyler, Whitney and Julia, uncle Mike, aunt Jill, Christopher and Christina.  We saw many great old friends.  We had a wonderful party at uncle Don's house.  It was truly sensational.  And the Peach Palace is even more palatial now with the home theater and the chimney out side.  Talk about world class marshmallow roasting.

Upon our return, Dad joined the SJN's Outreach to St. Michael's Episcopal Church.  And the kinds went back to school to start a new school year.  Alexandra started 4th grade and AJ started 1st grade.  Time truly flies when you are having a good time.  We still can not believe how big the kids are, how smart they are, and how beautiful they are.  3 very special and wonderful children indeed.  During the SJN Outreach, Dad was discerned to be spiritual director for the team and the weekend was a sensational gift to the attendees and the giving team.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Grandpa Steve and Helen and the Finch's. We had a x-mas party for some neighbors and co-workers and another x-mas party for CRHPers.  Both parties were great and everyone had a fantastic time.  New years celebration was fun as well.   We spent lots of time with church friends and neighbors.  We didn't go skiing this year either.  The kids really missed it again.  Maybe in 2004.

In closing, we wish you all the best and pray for peace, health, and love.  We hope that 2004 brings us all what we need to satisfy our needs and obligations.  We also pray for a peaceful election year, world peace, and the return of a strong economy.

Forever friends,

The Carvallo's


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