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2006 In Review

2006 was a very special year for us.  More blessings than we can count:

Mom and Dad celebrated 15 years of marriage at the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego.

Dad continues to lead the IT business unit at Austin Energy.  His speaking requests continued to exceed all our expectations.  And he was an honoree for the "Best in Class of Premier 100" by Computerworld and "CIO100 Award" by CIO Magazine.  He also completed his three year term on the board of directors of the neighborhood and passed on the presidency successfully. On the Spiritual front, Dad finished his chair term leading the CRHP ministry at St. John Neumann and took his second SJN CRHP team as Spiritual Director through formation (a five year commitment that changed Dad forever). Dad started as head coach for AJ's basketball team for the fourth time, assistant coach for AJís first tackle football season, and an assistant coach for  AJís 3rd baseball season. 

Mom did a great job her third year co-leading the neighborhood social committee and also passed her responsibility successfully.  She kept the kids humming and led them to a great year in school.  AJ was selected for the honor math program and Alexandra was awarded the whoís who among middle school students nationwide with A grade point average.  And Mom managed to take a trip in to Ventura and Catalina Island with her friend Josie.  Mom also did a great job with Halloween. And she also coordinated our annual neighborhood hay ride and hit a home run with the x-mas decorations (the tree, the lights around the house, the details).  She even got new furniture and the house looks great.

Alexandra graduated from 6th and AJ from 3rd.  Alexandra was selected to her school's cheerleading team, and she is so grown up and gorgeous, it just plain amazing to see her become a young lady.  She also got to dance on TV with the Rockettes in the fall.  AJ played baseball again at Lake Travis and loved it.  He played fairly well on third base, second base, outfield, pitched on a couple of games, and had a great batting season.  He was 2nd on slugging, 2nd on walks, 3rd on batting average, and 6th on extra base hits in his team.  The highlight vacation was again our annual trip to Disneyworld in Orlando.  We stayed at the Grand Floridian and did all the rides at Disney and Universal.  Fire & Ice or The Hulk -- It is a toss up.  Our summer was Texas filled this year.  The kids went multiple times to Sea World and attended basketball, volleyball, football, soccer and cheerleading camps.

We continue to pray every day for Grandma Sonia and her tough times.  We hope for the very best for her.

As soon as we looked around, it was time for the kids to start a new school year.  Alexandra started her second year in middle school (7th grade).  AJ started 4th grade.  And Austin Theodore started kindergarten.  He is doing great at school and loves it.  Austin played his first baseball season and wants to do it again.  AJ played his first tackle football season as quarterback and corner back.  He is a totally new person, due to his success with football.  All these took place, as the kids got back in the groove with school and Angela had to focus more and more on working with them.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Grandma Laura and Dave, who moved down from
Chicago to Port A and now live in an awesome 50 foot sail boat named Laura Lynn.  The kids will enjoy learning to sail next year.  We also had a nice holiday party and gathering to celebrate Dadís work colleagues and the annual visit from Grandpa Steve and Helen.  X-mas was a blast with Grandma Laura and Dave.  We enjoyed much needed R&R, Golf, presents, drinking, eating and a nice gathering.  Santa, the Godparents, and the Grandparents showered the kids with lots of gifts and they were extremely happy and thankful.  We are so blessed with great family and friends.    To close the year, we went to Angel Fire to ski and had a blast.  Austin Theodore looked so cute going so fast with no poles.  AJ and Alexandra raced each other on the snow boards all the time and had too much fun.  They really loved it.  Our new year's celebration was filled with fireworks and lots of snow.   We spent lots of time with friends, family, and neighbors in 2006 building community and enjoyed every minute of it.

In closing, we wish you all the best and pray for peace, health, and love.

The Carvallo family


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