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2007 In Review

The way the world turned in 2007 truly blessed us in more ways than we can count.

Dad continues to lead the IT business unit at Austin Energy.  And his speaking requests continued to exceed all our expectations.  And he was an honoree to InformationWeek 500 given by InformationWeek Magazine.  With more time in his hands to minister the kids, Dad started as head coach for AJ's basketball team for the fifth time, head coach for AJ's spring football season, and assistant coach for AJís second tackle football season. 

Mom had another great year.  She kept the kids working hard while being kids and maintaining that delicate balance.  AJ maintained his honor math program status and Alexandra continued to do very well in school.  Mom led great vacations, breaks and traditions for Easter, Birthdays, our summer vacation, Halloween, Thanksgiving and X-mas.  And she also coordinated the annual neighborhood hay ride for the fifth year.  It was another raving success.

Alexandra graduated from 7th, AJ from 4th, and Austin from Kinder.  Alexandra was elected captain and head cheerleader at her school's cheerleading team, and she has become officially a teenager.  It is just playing amazing to see her mature into a young lady.  Choir singing and dance continue to be her number one passions and she finished 5th among 800 singers at the Texas State Regional.  Quite an honor for her and us.  She also continues to swim and to be active in girl scouts.  AJ loved his first football season in 2006 so much that he decided to drop baseball and play spring football.  He played quarterback and linebacker.  As quarterback, he had a great highlight in a game where he threw a 60 yard pass-run touch down (20 yard pass).  I can almost see it every minute that I close my eyes, like it just happened.  WOW!!!  He has now played two seasons as quarterback (16 games).  AJ also continues to play basketball, to swim, and to be active in cub scouts.  He is working toward his Arrow of Light.  Austin played baseball in the spring.  He is also in cub scouts and starting to figure life out.  He is very organized.

The highlight vacation was our summer in California.  We got to see everyone after two long years and drive up and down to see all landmarks.  We saw and hanged out with uncle Don, aunt Pam, Whitney, Tyler, Julia, uncle Mike, aunt Jill, Christopher, Christina, Josie, Genio, and many more cousins and friends. It was truly great and loved every minute of it.

The summer went fast and it was time for school and football to start.  Alexandra started her senior year in middle school (8th grade).  AJ started his senior year in elementary (5th grade).  And Austin Theodore started 1st grade.  AJ played his second fall football season and Austin his first soccer season.  He loved it so much that he wants to play soccer next spring. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Grandma Laura and Dave in Port A.
 We also had a nice holiday party and gathering to celebrate Dadís work colleagues and the annual visit from Grandpa Steve and Helen.  X-mas was a blast with Grandma Laura.  We enjoyed much needed R&R, Golf, presents, drinking, eating and a nice gathering.  Santa, the Godparents, and the Grandparents showered the kids with lots of gifts and they were extremely happy and thankful.  We are so blessed with great family and friends.   We went to Dallas to celebrate the new year with special friends and had a blast.   We spent lots of time with friends, family, and neighbors in 2007 building community and enjoyed every minute of it.

In closing, we wish you all the best and pray for peace, health, and love.

The Carvallo family


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