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2001 In Review

2001 will probably go down in history as a very difficult year due to the stock market melt down and to the horrible events of September 11th in New York City and Washington D.C.  Despite all the terrible times and difficult teachings, we will try to remember 2001 as a memorable year for the following reasons:

Alexandra and AJ graduated from 1st grade and pre-K 4 and had a great time with soccer, piano, gymnastics, acting school and making friends.  Alexandra's school was awarded its very first blue ribbon.

Dad's company closed it series B funding round and its first two corporate deals in March.  Dad spent a great deal driving the product schedule, raising money and delivering results.  As the Summer approached us, Dad left his employer, in a very strong financial and strategic position, to help with another very big project.

In June 8th we had a great gift with the healthy birth of our own baby boy moose (10 lbs and 22.5 in). His name is Austin Theodore Carvallo.  We were very happy to welcome our 5th member of the clan and wish him eternal happiness and success.  A week after Austin's birth, we had a visit from grandma Laura to see him, the kids and to hang out for a while.

The summer was grand with gymnastics and soccer camps. Dad took time off from the rat race to become Mr. Mom and help around the house.  Mom loved it.  However, it was quite a crazy time, if you ask Dad.  We all visited California for our annual escape to San Francisco, Carmel, the Peach Palace and the Delta.  The kids knee boarded and Dad got up on the wake board. Dude!!!!  We visited with the Morrison's, the Foster's, the Bernstein's and many other wonderful friends.  We also took that trip to baptize Austin Theodore; many thanks to Mike and Jill for being great friends and his godparents.

Soon thereafter, it was time to go back to school and reality. Alexandra started second grade and AJ started his last pre-K term.  The kids are learning to read, write, spell, add, and subtract.  They love art and crafts.  They even like to watch the HGTV channel.  Alexandra's latest desire is to become an architect and artist.  AJ is still interested in being a spy, thanks to Spy Kids and Tom Cruise.  They are also computer geeks, thanks to Dad.  You should see them browsing the Internet and playing network games. Very Cool!!!!

As the Fall arrived, we also had a visit from grandfather Steve and Helen who came to see the new baby, celebrate AJ's b-day and we also enjoyed taking them around town.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our cousins from El Paso, Juan and Yza, and enjoyed a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.  Dad visited grandma Sonia and successfully resolved some family business matters down there.  While down South, Dad also saw uncle Orel, aunt Alba, spoke with cousin Raul and hanged out with godfather Fred.  Soon after his return, we took time off to enjoy our first Angel Fire trip.  The kids learned to ski green and blue slopes.  WOW!!!!  Even Mom got into it.  A real treat that we shared with the Richards and the Pankhurt's.

In closing, we wish you all the best and much HEALTH, LOVE, PEACE and MONEY in 2002.  May the Lord bless your hearts and souls with eternal happiness and may he also grant you great success in your professional life.  We surely hope to have a great 2002 as well.

Forever friends,

The Carvallo's


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