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2005 In Review

2005 was a fantastic year for this family.  Dad is still at Austin Energy charging away and building a temple. The transformation is on its way and the recognition is starting to happen.  Dad also started his third year on the board of directors at the neighborhood and was elected president, and as he is also sponsor of the social committee for a third time.  Mom on the other hand was again co-chair of the social committee  for a third year and and did a great job.

The kids moved to another grade.  Alexandra graduated from 5th and AJ from 2nd.  AJ played baseball at Lake Travis and loved it.  He hit a grand slam (bases loaded) with two outs on the board and losing by 3 runs on the 7th inning in a play-off game.  They won the game and finish 3rd in the league.  Can you image the odds of that happening?  He is still glowing from it.  And Austin enjoyed his last home schooling semester. The kids had another great year with soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, DI, bicycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, scouts and homework.

On the southern front, Grandma Sonia finally moved out of her apartment and went voluntarily to a very nice retirement home where she would be monitored and cared for (medications, meals, sleeping time, exercise time, fun time, etc.) non-stop. She seems very happy about her decision and we are extremely supportive of it.  Especially, because she will have consistency, normalcy, company from many adults and be in a very safe environment.

The Spring was packed with activities and the kids grew up a few more inches. The highlight vacation was again our trip to Disneyworld, the kids favorite destination.  We stayed at the Portofino at Universal and had a blast.  While the kids and Angela enjoyed the parks, Dad attended a conference and worked.  We surely enjoyed Disney again and discovered the wonders of Universal.  It was too much fun for the kids and us.

On the Spiritual front, Dad took his first SJN CRHP team through formation and helped 32 men find the fruits of the spirit.  The weekend was sensational and team 24 did great by harvesting team 25.  After being co-chair of the ministry for 12 months, Dad was appointed chair of the ministry and will be in charge for another year (until the Spring of 2006).

Our summer was grand as we returned to California.  We went to Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterrey, Capitola, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Stockton, and Discovery Bay.  We hanged out with the Morrison clan, the Foster clan, the Bernstein clan, and many more friends.  We hiked and rolled all across our favorite spots.  The kids loved the outings to the Golden Gate and Discovery Bay.  It was truly great to see and visit with uncle Don, aunt Pam, Tyler, Whitney, Julia, uncle Mike, aunt Jill, Christopher, Cristina, and all our California friends.

As soon as we looked around, it was time for the kids to start a new school year.  Alexandra made her big move to middle school - wow it is 6th grade already. And AJ started 3rd grade.  And Austin Theodore started Montessori pre-k, hurray.  He is doing great at school and loves it.  The kids keep getting taller and taller, and smarter and smarter, and faster and faster.  As the kids got back in the groove with school and Angela got back to her traveling biz, Dad continued to work, speak, lead the HOA, lead SJN, and head coach for AJ's soccer team, which won the league for a third year in a row.  Dad's speaking requests went beyond any expectations.  He also became co-author of a book titled "Information Technology Leadership" and contributor to another booked titled "Player Manager".  And to top it all, he was even awarded "IT executive of the year" for 2005 by the Association of Information Technology Professionals and "Premier 100 IT Leader" for 2006 by Computerworld.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with some members of the Carvallo clan and had an awesome time. Thanks to aunt Cecilia, and cousins Ana, Yza and Juan for coming over and sharing a great time.  We also had a CRHP gathering to celebrate our ministry and the visit from Grandpa Steve and Helen.  We have such great people in our parish and we are so blessed to be here in Austin, TX.    Dad started as head coach for AJ's basketball team for the third time.  Mom also organized a fantastic Christmas hay ride for 120 plus residents by the social committee.  Our new year's celebration was fun.   We spent lots of time with friends, family, and neighbors in 2005 building community.  We didn't go skiing this year either.  The kids really missed it again.  Maybe in 2006.

In closing, we wish you all the best and pray for peace, health, and love.

Forever friends,

The Carvallo family

P.S. "Trust the past to God's merci, the present to God's love, and the future to God's providence." - St. Augustine


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