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2004 In Review

And the years roll and we just get old.  Wow, 2004 came and went with fury.  Dad is still at Austin Energy charging away and building a temple.  Things took off at work and the transformation is on its way.  Dad also started his second year on the board of directors at the neighborhood and as sponsor of the social committee.  Mom on the other hand was again the chair of the social committee and selected a co-chair (Stacy Garcia) to share the wealth.

The kids moved to another grade.  Alexandra graduated from 4th and AJ from 1st.  Austin Theodore went back to home schooling, because he is too intense.  The kids had another great year with soccer, baseball, basketball, DI, bicycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, scouts and homework.

The Spring was packed with activities and the kids grew up a few inches. The highlight vacation was our trip to Disneyworld, the kids favorite destination.  We stayed at the Grand Floridian and had a blast.  While the kids and Angela enjoyed the parks, Dad attended a conference and worked.  We surely enjoyed Disney again.  It is just too much fun with the kids.

An amazing calling for Dad took place at the end of the Spring.  An opportunity to be a Spiritual Director for the SJN program. Dad applied and a few weeks later he was discerned for the role. What an honor to serve the Lord by serving others in our community.  The task: to share the gift of CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) with many.

Our summer was filled with great activities, as we stayed put at home.  Mom organized unbelievable Memorial Day and 4th of July parties for 300 residents each.  And lots of the pool and lake outings.  Soccer and baseball camps for the kids.  Plus lots of time with bikes and roller blades.  No California trip this summer.  2005 is due for a return to land of the Golden Gate. 

As soon we looked around it was time for the kids to start a new school year.  Alexandra started 5th grade and AJ started 2nd grade.  The kids get taller and taller, and smarter and smarter, and faster and faster.  As the kids got back in the groove with school and Angela started a new venture (traveling biz), Dad joined up with his 1st SJN team as a spiritual director (CRHP Team 24).  Wow, what a team.  A great group of men took Dad in an amazing spiritual journey as formation moved on its way to 2005. Additionally, Dad was humbled even further when he was discerned by the leadership of SJN to become the co-chair of the CRHP Ministry and be expected to take over as chair by the spring of 2005.  The Lord has been blessing us in ways that we could have never imagined.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Finches and had an awesome time. Mom organized a fantastic x-mas ride for 120 residents by the social committee and we had a x-mas small party for some neighbors and friends at home.  New year's celebration was fun as well.   We spent lots of time with church friends and neighbors in 2004 building community.  We didn't go skiing this year either.  The kids really missed it again.  Maybe in 2005.

In closing, we wish you all the best and pray for peace, health, and love.

Forever friends,

The Carvallo's


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